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Here are some of the questions we are asked most often:

QuestionI don’t want to cover my windows but the sun is too bright! Is there a product I can use that will remove the glare but still let me enjoy my view?


There are a number of different products that are specifically designed to cut glare, UV and heat while still allowing our customers to keep their view.  Additionally, many of these products tuck in tight to the top of the window so they practically disappear when not in use!!  Call Ashtons today so we can come and show you our fantastic options.

QuestionHow long does it take for custom window coverings to arrive?


With some exceptions, most custom window coverings arrive and are installed within 3 to 4 weeks.  

QuestionHow can I see the products or fabrics you are recommending?


We believe in the importance of seeing the product and fabric in the window in which they are to be installed.  This is why we carry all of our blind and fabric samples with us to each in-home appointment.  

QuestionWhat do we do if our blind breaks?


We pride ourselves on our after sales’ support.  Whether your blind requires a small tweak or a major repair, Ashtons will deal with the issue quickly. In the event that the blind needs to be removed from the window for repair, we will install a temporary covering to ensure your privacy.  Taking care of the products we install is an important aspect of our business.  If you have a problem, please call.  We will take care of any issue professionally and promptly.


QuestionYou are a small, independent business. Your window coverings must be more expensive than those of a larger competitor.


The short answer is, No.  Because of our low overhead and small staff, our pricing is competitive and fair, while our product knowledge, installation and customer service is second to none.